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Covid-19 Screening

SmartPoint Addresses Critical Needs for Real-Time Micro-Location Information and Communications

SmartPoint is the Easiest and Best Way to provide real-time COVID19 and other Information for every location to your Employees, Customers, and Visitors. 

Our healthcare crisis has become an economic crisis.  We can help!

SmartPoint's Real-Time, Micro-Location (RTML) information and communications platform enables anyone to provide RTML information and services in the palm of the hands of all their visitors.  

With a SmartPoint mobile web page for any location -- from a project or building building to every sink in every bathroom -- we enable real estate owners, operators, occupants, and others to capture and provide critical and timely COVID-19 information to every visitor. 


COVID-19 drive through and other test centers and public and private healthcare agencies can encourage, load balance, inform, and manage social distancing and streamline visits to test centers and other facilities.  

All public and private buildings, facilities, services and other destinations can easily provide their current COVID status and prevention plan, social distancing guidelines, and other timely and rapidly changing information for every location.  

For COVID-19 and the next generation of  real-time location information and communications, SmartPoint is  "Just What the Doctor Ordered"!  

Contact us today for our simple, low-cost, turnkey, state-of-the-art solution can help you help everyone get the critical COVID-19 and other information they want right in the palm of their hands.  

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