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Who Needs SmartPoint?

Anyone who owns, rents, occupies or manage any property, buildings, or structures should use SmartPoint to take 'ownership and control' of the micro location information around their properties and use SmartPoint to create, curate, communicate and otherwise manage your locations, location related information and data, booking, delivery, access and all kinds of other micro-location information and services.

An Address For Everything®

From hotel rooms to parking spaces, vehicles, devices, furniture, equipment, IoT devices, and everything in between, SmartPoint makes it easy to reference, compile, track usages, and share any information about any locations.

Rich Data and Analytics

The SmartPoint system provide you powerful data acquisition, analysis of guest bookings, occupancy and guest engagement for hotel management, revenue and customer service enhancements, and data analytics and metrics.

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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