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SmartPoint for Hotels, Motels, AirBnB, and other Lodging

An Address for Every Hotel Room®

Why SmartPoint for Lodging?

SmartPoint's new SmartAddress technology enables lodging operators and others to help guests instantly find, identify, see, learn about, and/or book a specific room, lounge, cabana, poolside table or other amenity at hotels or other lodging venue.

An Address For Every Hotel Room®

SmartPoint enables your customers to find, see, learn about, reserve, book, navigate to and check in to a specific hotel room.     Your reservations, front desk, concierge, or other staff  can send the hotel guest a SmartPoint link with images, room placement, views, etc. and special offers and pricing for every room.   By specifically identifying every room and amenity, checking in remotely or in advance or upon entering your property, SmartPoint lets users bypass the front desk registration and transit straight to their room.  SmartPoint makes registration faster, easier and more efficient for everyone.  The SmartPoint system enables lodging operators to provide substantially more, easier, and better hotel services, from booking and reserving to registering and checking to finding, reserving, and booking and paying for amenities, to inside and outside room service and deliveries --- and providing users a seamless, extraordinary user experience during their stay.

Rich Data and Analytics

The SmartPoint system provides you powerful data and geoanalytics on the locations of your guests and visitors when they are looking for, booking, navigating to or from, and also during their occupancy and guest engagement for hotel management, revenue and customer service enhancements.

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