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Being part of a Software Startup means we operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly. This media section includes all the exciting news and updates about SmartPoint®, as well as industry news and analysis. If you have any questions about our articles, please get in touch today.

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Irvine Company adds RideStop rideshare program at Santa Clara Square to pinpoint exact location of Lyft customers

May 28, 2019

New RideStop system addresses top issue facing rideshare drivers and customers – finding each other; RideStop sign additions latest in Irvine Company/Lyft landmark partnership

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SmartPoint  Named to CIO Applications’ “Top 10 Indoor Positioning Solution Providers - 2019 ”

September 19, 2019

Fort Lauderdale, FL– 9/ 19/ 2019 – CIO Applications has chosen SmartPoint as one of the Top 10 Indoor Positioning Solution Providers - 2019 . The positioning is based on an evaluation of SmartPoint’s specialty in Indoor Positioning by its micro-location services platform.
“We are glad to announce SmartPoint as one among the Top 10 Indoor Positioning Solution Providers - 2019 . We are pleased to recognize SmartPoint for its micro-location services platform which is empowering Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Airport, Smart Buildings, Parking, Deliveries & Logistics, Farms and Land to achieve a competitive advantage in the market by  allowing them to access precise, real-time micro-location information through a single system,” said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

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