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SmartPoint's OneMap® and 1M® Technologies Combine to Power Future Generations of Location-based Services and their Users.  

SmartPoint's patented OneMap® real-time, micro-location registry and clearinghouse is designed to enable all services to provide end users substantially better real-time, micro-location information, navigation, communications, and other services. 

SmartPoint's multi-patented Real-Time, Micro-Location (RTML) information, navigation, communications and data/BI services platform is designed to enable future generations of technologies, services, and end users access to more timely, complete, and accurate RTML information and services over all devices.   

With a SmartPoint's OneMap® RTML registry and clearinghouse, users can create SmartAddress location identifiers that work like domain names for the internet or telephone numbers for the phone system's voice and text.   SmartAddress IDs are the critical missing link that is necessary for a truly robust RTML information ecosystem and are one of the pillars of the OneMap® and 1M® systems.   SmartPoint's new revolutionary technologies provide incredibly short and easy-to-use ways to reference, communicate, and use infinitely precise locations.  

Whether it's a project, building, house, apartment/complex, or a farm, park or other area, the new and revolutionary SmartAddress identifiers provide the necessary discrete name/ID to enable interoperability and precise referencing like never before.   These technologies and the complementary OneMap® and 1M® systems combine to help anyone capture, curate, manage, selectively publish/access and monetize RTML information.  


Whether it's providing RTML COVID-19 information, nearby EV parking, last mile directions, or indoor and door-to-door wayfinding, OneMap and 1M micro-locator technologies will help enable all devices, providers, and services and their everyday users access to the accurate, timely, and complete RTML information.  From rideshare, human, drone and robotic deliveries and pickups to asset management and maintenance, IoT and 911 emergency services and everything in between, SmartPoint's  OneMap system and 1M micro-locators will provide everyone instant access to better and more accurate information. 

If you are a mapping company, technology or app developer or provider, or anyone else looking to support and use the next generations of RTML services, please contact us today to learn how our SmartPoint's OneMap and 1M solutions will enable the future of location-based services.  

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