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Dynamic Usages Of Micro Location Services Platform!

Micro-location technology is a feasible solution to pinpoint a person and an asset’s location accurately. Even the micro location services platform offers flawless accuracy when indoors and outdoors. But, with GPS technology, you may experience that location navigation can be enabled only when you are outdoors. So, it is easy to say that Micro-location technology is faster and more accurate than GPS. Plus, micro-location technology is more fruitful for many industries.

Additionally, Ultra Wide-band (UWB) is a revolutionary technology in the micro-location landscape. UWB is clearly built to distinguish location and distance in real-time, with absolute preciseness (5-10cm). Actually, the micro-location technology alerts accurate distance measurements by efficiently taking into account the time taken by radio signals to travel across corresponding devices. Moreover, the UWB effectively employs the time of flight (ToF) data to generate the expected distance metrics. And there is no doubt that this micro-location technology is constantly gaining popularity, with several smartphones being integrated with Ultra Wide-band.

The Practical Application Of Micro Location Services Platform!

According to several online data, the micro-location sector will mark an outstanding growth of around 20% in the duration of seven years. Here, we listed some applications of accurate location services. Have a look at the below details to grab all:


There is no doubt that micro-location technology is an active and efficient tool to accumulate information on user behavior. And after collecting insights on user preferences collected after analyzing the time the customer has spent in the store or by seeking into their interactions with the brand, the retailers can send promotion messages particular to that product. Even after developing a deep into product affinity, the sellers can take accurate measurements to ensure a better experience for their customers.


Micro-location technology can be used to provide an unparalleled experience to the guests of the hospitality sector. For instance, hotels can use technology to send bespoke messages and check-in information to the respective guests as early as they enter the premises. So, the same technology (Micro location service provider) is also used to pass on the guest details to the front desk and other staff. However, micro-location technology allows them to offer personalized services promptly.

Easy Tracking In Home And Industries Alike!

Micro-location technology can be applied to track and locate “tagged” devices effortlessly inside the home and the surrounding premises. You may ever get hold of the keys or the smartphone, which you swear you put on the table but can’t find anywhere without tearing the home apart. Micro-location technology can be developed in warehouses and other industrial spaces to check out the buildings, enabling the staff to track down the assets efficiently.

Simplifying The Manufacturing Process!

The micro-location technology fetches a steady flow to the manufacturing operations. It can be efficiently used to track employees, tools, and even the spare parts involved in the production. For example, the technology heavily supports the automotive industry in keeping a tab on the spare parts and sometimes even locating the devices that need additional installation.

Remote Control!

The micro-location technology can be amended and unified into remote controls, granting it the capability to control the electric connectivity in the building single-handedly. It authorizes the remote control to turn on/off light, fan, control the volume functionalities in TV, and many more.

Health Sector!

Micro-location facilities will aid the hospitals to keep track of the assets and patients, efficiently lower medical errors, and promptly guide the doctors and staff to the hospital rooms in case of emergencies.


Accurate location functionality can be unified to build smart drones with the automated “following” failure. Even here, a user will be given a “smart '' wearable with the micro-location service platform. However, the drone will effectively remain conducted to the wearable and follow the user.

Final Words!

Undoubtedly, nowadays, everything goes digital, and tracking location is accessible with a micro location services platform. So, if you are looking to make your tracking more accurate and faster, use micro-location technology. And, if you are seeking to know more about this technology, visit our website Smart Point.


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