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Micro-Location Addressing: Five Coolest Uses Of Micro location Technology

We all know that services like google maps and GPS have transformed the lives of people. But all new micro-location addressing something else. See, you will definitely face accuracy limits with the services like GPS; you can measure the resolution from 3 to 15 meters. Smart Point offers a wireless transceiver that can detect objects within 10 cm. You can use this technology indoors as well as outdoors. Let's take a look at the most remarkable uses of micro-location.

Importance of Micro-location Technology!

Finding things

A Micro-location technology system can be used as GPS but in a more effective way. For instance, let's take an example that you want to find a car in your garage; the micro-location navigation is your friend. This technology provides you the ability to track the locations of tagged devices throughout and near the property. We have seen many cases where a person forgot his iPhone in the car; this service helped him/her find the object.


You might not know this, but retailers are the first ones to adopt this technology. In starting, it was used for noticing the movement of users. Online marketing is still using these services successfully; every time a person opens his social media account or visits a website, he finds advertisements according to his needs. You may have noticed that after searching for a product, you get ads on every platform. Isn't it cool that a micro-location service reading your mind and providing you objects in need?


Micro-location addressing has added a new chapter to the life of shoppers. It is known that different people have different needs regarding food and vegetables; now, you can personalize your needs accordingly with the help of micro-location technologies. With these technologies, grocery stores can recognize whether the customer is approaching is not; that way, they can be ready with the order before the time.

Tracking professional and amateur athletes

You will be amazed to know what you can track a player in real-time. The idea has become popular after the release of the movie Moneyball. If you have seen the movie, you would know what I am talking about; the film has generated interest in people. Recently an expert has said that "Ultra-Wideband technology is getting much traction in the sports industry and not just in baseball." Many sports are finding new stars with the help of this technology.


According to a survey, micro-location services have turned out to be a miracle for the banks. It provides them an opportunity to reimagine the complete banking experience. Benefits like cardless ATM entry, messaging, and rewards lure more and more customers every day. The head branches of banks are using this technology to record the users' feedback and those who have an account in the bank.


Micro-location addressing has added a new chapter to the book of the new era. You can use this technology in both indoor and outdoor locations. It has saved the lives of people by finding their mobile phones and iPad filled with vital documents.

For more information, contact Smart Point.

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