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How Micro Location Technology Is Changing The World We Know?

Do you remember the days when we had no idea about GPS and services like Google Maps? Honestly, those were some dark days, and now that we have these services, the world seems like a better place.

GPS and Google Maps have transformed how people get around, but they are not perfect like everything else out there. For instance, let's take GPS; you'd be surprised to know that this technology has a resolution measured from roughly 3 to 15 meters.

SmartPoint - a company that is known to be transforming the operations for deliveries, rideshare, and AVs with a multi-patented "Last Meter" AI and Voice-enabled SaaS platform. The platform is specially designed to eliminate the layers and frictions between users who are seeking immediate information, products, and services and the providers of what users want. Services like micro location for car parking are also making things easier.

The kind of services SmartPoint offers is helping in the operations of multiple applications. While the technology can be used for indoor navigation, the potential applications of SmartPoint's SmartAddress are vast in scope.

The Benefits of SmartAddress

  • Convenience

SmartAddress focuses on reducing the frustration of consumers who want to access accurate, real-time, micro-location information along with nearby products and services.

  • Safety and Security

The company and its services enable you to share your exact room or other location in an emergency, and that too verbally.

  • Save Time and Money

Since SmartPoint is all about providing precise pinpoint location and routing for multiple aspects like deliveries, rideshare, navigation, and nearby products and services.

  • Data and Business Intelligence

SmartPoint generates millions of valuable data points for both business and artificial intelligence.

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions

SmartPoint's Greener Address™ systems will reduce 10's of millions of pounds of CO2 emissions annually by providing near-perfect directions and wayfinding.

  • Privacy

SmartPoint's unique real-time permission-based privacy system provides unmatched privacy controls to our users.

Industries We Cater To

  • Smart buildings and indoor positioning

SmartPoint's SmartAddress is specially designed to offer a universal location and DNS-like naming system for all sorts of locations and micro-locations. It helps homeowners to enhance their safety, track assets, reduce maintenance, and service costs.

  • Deliveries and logistics

SmartPoint enables users to identify and share precise points or areas for any ride, delivery, staging, and access to real-time micro-location information. It eliminates countless repetitive and time-consuming questions from delivery personnel.

  • Hospital and home healthcare logistics

Healthcare providers can use SmartPoint to provide their patients detailed routing in and around the complex without complications. On the other hand, patients can use SmartAddress locations for their homes to provide special directions and parking guidance.

  • Farms, lands, parks, and lakes

Of all the aspects, SmartAddress technology for farms is considered to be the real MVP. It can help anyone create, manage, and share location information about the farm or any other property.

  • Hotels, resorts, and hospitality

SmartPoint is focused to providing the best-in-class solutions to offer a great guest experience in the hotel and lodging industry. Whether it is ride-sharing, finding AirBnB, booking, checking in, or navigating directly to your hotel room, SmartPoint will offer a compelling user experience.

  • Parking

SmartPoint offers SmartAddress ID and micro-routing for every possible parking space. Whether it is a parking space out on the streets or a large parking structure, every space can have a permanent and unique SmartAddress ID that enables anyone to share the parking space without any complications whatsoever.

  • E911 and other emergency services

SmartPoint is all about being intuitive. SmartAddress simplifies the sharing of micro-location, making it the shortest, easiest, and best way to reference, report, or navigate to micro-locations and connect to real-time information about those locations.

Final Thoughts

SmartPoint is all about making the world better, especially when it comes down to sharing locations. Services like micro location for car parking and smart buildings are known to be creating a real buzz out there, and it looks like things are only going to get better.

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