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SmartPoint: An Address for Everything®

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Looking at the current stage of where GPS and LPS (Local Positioning Systems), it is clear that the world is on the verge revolutionizing the world and everything in it with real-time, micro-location (RTML) information, services, communications and data. Services like Google and Apple Maps can't keep up with acquriing and maintaing RTML informatoin, and the world needs a new paradigm. Enter SmartPoint, and our multi-patented technologies we have been developing for years. Nextgen tech that will power hyper-accurate location services and provide hyper-accurate and timly information as well.

SmartPoint's micro-location referencing system is necessary for interoperable RTML services and will be missio critical for multiple industries.

The Anticipated Uses of SmartPoint’s SmartAddress Technology

- Rideshare and Autonomous Vechicles

- Legacy Deliveries (curbsided, inside, homeside, etc.)

- Drone and robotic deliveries and services

- Indoor positioning. wayfinding, services and data

- Higher end hotels and resort properties

- Parking

- 9-1-1- and other Emergency services

- Smart homes and SmartBuildings

- Farms, lands, lakes, and golf courses

The Goal

SmartPoint's unique SmartAddress system provides a unique short, simple location identifier through a much-needed location name system (LNS) that serves as the cornerstone of a universal location registry to power hyper-local services much like the domain names system (DNS) is the cornerstone of Internet. Just like telephone numbers provide a critical universal referencing system for telecom, SmartAddress IDs are critical to enable multi-location addresses to work across different maps and location-based apps/services.

SmartAddress IDs provide provide much-needed structure to numerous industries like logistics, hospitality, and healthcare. SmartPoint services are both customer and service-centric, and our human-friendly system SmartPoint locator will enable micro-location references to be voice enabled for AI, AR, VR, etc. SmartPoint's platform and technology will drive massive increases in convenience, saving time, money, and fuel/emissions, enhanced safety and security, and privacy.

Benefits of Relying On a Micro Location Service

- Can help you find things

By simply relying on an indoor positioning solution provider, you can easily locate things that are spread all over the place. You can use indoor positioning to map the entire warehouse. With the help of guided automated vehicles, you can look for parts, tools, pallets, and even employees.

- Can detect car at a parking lot

This is probably the most amazing use of micro-location as car manufacturing companies can use it. They can install smart parking to locate the car at a packed or blacked-out parking lot. With a single press of a button, you can locate your car. Nothing’s going to be that easy.

- Can make your homes smart

SmartPoint Locators are the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to easily identify and manage each and every location and device in or near your home. From the exact location of every utilty meter, valve, plumbing fixture, device, delivery areas or drone landing zones to permanently storing all of the information related to every such location or device, SmartPoint provides a new, simple, fast, yet compelling system to easily capture and share micro-locations and related information.

- Can make hospitals and services safer and accessible

In extreme stress and emergencies, we, being the leading micro-location service provider, can come in handy. How? You may ask; well, our tech can easily provide your accurate location to E9-1-1 responders. With MicroMap®, CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, and 1M™ technologies, we can provide an exact location to whomsoever it may concern.

Last Words

We know that our technology will be used in systems and services that we can't even conceive of today. When Tim Burners Lee invented the internet, he had no clue that it would become the most dominant advertising medium in the world. We hope SmartPoint doesn't do the same, but we do know that if we are successful there will be new and game-changing features and services that will use our technology and platform to make everyone's everyday lives easier, and even likely save lives on a daily basis. Please comment and provide your feedback below. We're always looking for new ideas, applications, customers and partners.

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