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RideStop partners with Irvine Company and Lyft to Make RideSharing Easier and Better For Everyone

Today we announced our first implementation of SmartPoint’s patented micro-location clearinghouse technology with our new RideStop ridesharing system. The RideStop system has been operational on Lyft at Irvine Company’s Santa Clara Square office park for the past six months, and we expect to expand the system to numerous office and residential properties with a goal of creating a global network of preset pickup and dropoff locations that are familiar, easier and safer than the current hodgepodge of systems and far too common frustration and chaos of riders and drivers trying to find each other. RideStop has been a very successful step for SmartPoint and RideStop in our quest to help make rideshare services, and other micro-location services like deliveries and parking, easier, faster and better for everyone while at the same time saving money, time, fuel consumption and emissions. According to David Kunst, General Manager, Lyft Northern California market, through Lyft’s partnership with Irvine Company and RideStop, “we are able to make pick-ups and drop-offs more seamless, helping create a positive experience for both passengers and drivers at Santa Clara Square. This is an exciting part of our ongoing efforts with local partners to remove some of the barriers of transportation.”

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