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Travel Smartly with Micro Location Services for Rideshare

Gone are the days when people used to travel without fixing any specific destination, which resulted in the wastage of their efforts and time. In today’s tech-friendly era, traveling mode has undergone a great change in terms of time, safety and convenience. Micro location services for rideshare are such services, availing which you can get picked up and dropped at the exact destinations and avoid wastage of your time, which you would otherwise spend with your unscheduled pick and drop.

What Technology Does Offer Real-Time Micro Location?

We at SmartPoint have technology named RideStop®, which is a unified network of pickup and dropoff locations for various autonomous vehicles— Waymo, Ube, Lyft, etc. It has digitized RideStop signs, which make it easier for the driver to pick the passenger and drop him/her at desired destinations. It is a better option for you to avoid the frustration of connecting your ride with riders.

Varied Applications of Our Technology

Our technology— RideStop®—has varied applications for you. And they include the following:

  • Deliveries and Logistics: RideStop® enables you to recognize and share an exact point of area for any delivery, storage, micro-location information, communications, etc. Its motto is to free you from your nagging questions, such as “where can I reach a certain place; where can I park; where can deliver food, materials, packages, etc.?

  • Smart Buildings and Indoor Positioning: With this technology, you can identify and share any location in or around a building or property with accuracy. So, with its usage, you can view and analyze all traffic in and around your property.

  • Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality: The technology will provide you with the best guest experience in the hotel and lodging industry. Whether you are going for booking, checking-in services, or navigating directly to your hotel room, it will provide you with new user experiences.

  • Farms, Land, Golf Courses, Lakes, etc.: It can help you create, manage and share location information about farms and other properties. Whether it is a matter of boundaries for the whole property, a short 1M™ 4-6 digit numeric geocode for a precise location or area with AddressPlus®, MicroMap®, and 1M™ location number, you can capture the exact information and location. It can also help you with pictures and other important details.

  • Smart Homes: With the use of this technology, you can identify and manage every location in and around your home with 100% accuracy. It can be totally public, totally private, or everything in between. You can easily navigate, park, meet someone or do whatever you want without wastage of time, fuel consumption, and carbon emission.

  • Parking: Whether it is a matter of a large parking structure, parking space on the street, or a single space in an empty garage in a single-family home, this technology helps you quickly identify and share the exact location of that parking space along with complete directions, routing, pricing and availability.

  • E9-1-1 and Other Emergency Services: The technology provides intuitive micro-location reference with 100% accuracy to help E9-1-1 and other emergency respondents know exact locations and get optimal routing information. Whether it is on the field, lake, or on the 8th story of an office building, it can provide detailed and precise victim’s location, routing, and private medical alerts through referencing and information systems.

Benefits of Our Technology

As mentioned above, there are varied applications of our technology; you can have the following benefits of our technology:

  • Convenience: Our technology enables you to access accurate information to streamline and share your locations when necessary. So it is very much convenient for you.

  • Saves Your Precious Time and Money: With curbside pickup, routing, indoor navigation, and accessibility to nearby products and services, you are saved from wastage of both time and money.

  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions: With the application of technology, there is a substantial decrease in the emission of carbon-di-oxide, which causes pollution in the environment.

  • Data and Business Intelligence: The technology gives lots of valuable data points for both artificial intelligence and business.


Real-time micro-location is a great service for your smart traveling. If you are not using it, you are missing something indispensable in today’s tech-friendly era. So, get accustomed to it modernize your travel plans.

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