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Best Uses of Micro Location Services that You Must Avail

In today’s tech-friendly era, the living standard of people has undergone a great change. So, if you do not keep abreast of the latest technologies and gadgets, you will be considered a barbarous person and won’t be able to cope with modern civilization. Micro location services platform is such a thing that speeds up your working system, regardless of your location.

Some of the Best Services of Micro-Location that you must avail of including the following:

  • Locating Things, whether at home or in a Warehouse: Like GPS systems, you can use an indoor positioning system. For instance—a warehouse can be mapped to help human workers or automatic guided vehicles to find pallets, tools, parts placed haphazardly in the building. Some companies have developed navigation technology for warehouses that guide workers to recognize all the goods needed to fulfill an order.

  • Finding Cars and Car Parts on Parking Lots: The potential automotive applications of micro-location technologies begin with streamlining manufacturing. For instance—a carmaker builds a car, and everything is completed except one part, the seatbelt. So, they will store the cars outside in these massive parking lots, and three days later, they will get the seatbelt, but they need to find where the car is. Micro location services platform can make the location of that car much easier. This service can also be used within automotive manufacturing facilities to locate spare parts, and tools workers used to assemble the car.

  • Making Hospitals More Efficient and Safer: Inefficiency and waste continue to be major problems for the healthcare industry. Although it can be problematic to quantify the problem, a recent study inferred that medical errors were the third-leading cause of death in the US. So, there is a need to cut down on mistakes and improve the working methodology in the healthcare industry worldwide. Micro location services platform helps clinicians maintain track of assets, thereby ensuring that the right products are provided to patients. The technology can also be used to guide nurses and staff doctors and optimize patient flow.

  • Prevention of Accidents: Micro-location technology has a strong potential to prevent accidents. Pedestrians or cyclists equipped with an ultra-wideband tag can communicate with connected cars as distant as 200 m to avoid collisions. The same principle can also prevent forklift accidents within manufacturing facilities. Employees having tags can easily communicate their position to connected forklifts. If workers go very close to the forklift, it will automatically stop.

  • Auto-Following Drones: Some drones have a follow-me function which can become handy if you feel interested in using the drones to shoot video of yourself. Till recently, many drones used facial identity and formed recognition technology with high-resolution cameras. Nevertheless, the technology is often associated with a high price tag. It is not always good either. When lots of people are roaming around, the drone might get lost and lose track of you. Moreover, micro-location technology can also be used to replicate technology functionality at a lower price with more precision and higher accuracy. Usually, a user has a smaller wearable that works like a virtual leash for the drone. The wearable and the drone will communicate and exchange distance information constantly. As a result, you can build a virtual leash, so the drone will follow wherever you go.

  • Tracking Professional and Amateur Athletes: Micro-location technology has a chip embedded in the ball and features wearables to track players in real-time. It also allows you to track interceptions, shots and passes.

  • Context-Aware Remote Controls: Think how comfortable it would be to handle a single remote control and use it to control everything virtually in your house. Micro-location technology is such a thing that can make all these things possible in your home. With its use, you can turn on connected light bulbs. It can also help you control the music or the radio.

At SmartPoint, we are one of the best micro-location service providers. Our patented and structured technologies provide the easiest, shortest, and most potent location referencing and information system for people and technologies. Our SmartPoint RTML and AI technologies combine to provide you with a foundational RTML knowledge engine for all locations.


A micro-location services platform is handy for streamlining and speeding up day-to-day activities without any hurdles. It has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that you can operate. Some of its best uses have been explained above. Go through them to make your life hassle-free and easy-going.


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