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The SmartPoint Story



An Address for Everything

SmartPoint is a real-time micro-location services platform.  Based on our patented SmartAddress ID and several other related features, we improve the last mile economy with the last mile to last meter, to the door directions, information, and services.   SmartPoint will make everyone's life easier and enable the next generations of autonomous devices, micro-location for logistics, micro location for car parking and micro-location-based services to be much better and more efficient. 

Co-founded by the inventors of mobile, local proximity-based search IBM's Watson AI technologies, today we are driven by a desire to help everyone help others every day.  We make it easy for our customers and others to save time, money, and fuel/emissions every day, further helping our planet.   

Our SmartPoint platform fills a much-needed void for extremely precise real-time, last mile to last meter navigation by enabling precise voidable location references combined with real-time, room-specific information and services. SmartPoint reduces the costs of deliveries, rides, and transportation while increasing safety and security and further enables a much-needed single source of truth for micro-location information.  

Why not join us and become a SmartPoint partner/customer?  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you help others and our planet.  

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