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City Traffic at Night


The Smartest Way to Go®

SmartRide enables anyone to find an efficient, low-cost ride from A to B.   SmartRide incorporates SmartPoint's patented technologies for micro-locations and SmartPoint's recently patented permission-based face, voice and other biometric IDs for micro-locations and related real-time information to power a new, first of its kind, privacy-centric, personalized SmartRide™ system.      

Combined with our exclusive SmartAddress system for addressing micro-locations and providing micro-routing and other micro-location services and information, including our network of RideStop preset pickup and dropoff locations, we expect SmartRide to enable a host of new personal and commercial transit services to help users save time and money, drivers and services to make more money, and both to reduce carbon emissions to help the planet.

SmartRide will focus on helping users get from exactly where they are (or will be) to exactly where they want to go. 

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