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The Greener Address™ System

We're creating a new way to make it easier to do what is right, helpful, and beneficial to everyone almost everday as they try to find, visit deliver to, or share business, home, and other locations.     For you, your employees, your customers, your visitors, and your planet, SmartPoint's Greener Address™ mapping services and system will help you quickly and easily elevate your customer, employee, and other visitor experiences.     If you care about our planet and environment as much as we do, please read on!   

Do you care enough to ensure that everyone always has near-perfect, to the door information and directions to your locations, parking, etc.   Use our mapping services to create near-perfect maps.  Show users exactly how to get to your property, which street(s) to enter from, where to park, where the door(s) is/are, and every other detail you want to add to your MicroMap® and SmartPoint® location page.   Think of the frustration and friction you can eliminate by providing pointing everyone in the right direction, including your employees, customers, visitors and others.   Let them quickly and easily access real-time, pinpoint location information so they don't waste time, money, and fuel finding and getting to you, or explaining to others how to do so?  And the data lets you learn from and optimize their experiences.  

The SmartPoint system leverages several patented technologies to allow you to quickly and easily take ownership, control, and responsibility for your address and location content to help everyone and the environment.   It helps your real-world visitors just like your websites help your digital visitors.   AI and voice enabled, it simply makes everyone's lives a little easier while also helping reduce emissions. 

SmartPoint's patented and exclusive SmartAddress® MicroMap®, Zoom25®, and @™ code technologies and integrated platform enables owners to provide robust, accurate, and detailed yet easy to find and use Last Mile to Last Meter™ wayfinding and visual queues, including our revolutionary new AI and voice enabled @™ code pinpoint references for deliveries, rideshare pickups, inbuilding and instore finding and navigation, etc.   The result is not only less frustration and saving everyone time, mileage, and fuel, but also reducing CO2 emissions and traffic, making SmartPoint The Greener Address™ System of the future.   

Reducing Friction and CO2 Emissions 

Imagine how much easier it would be and how much mileage and emissions would be reuced if drivers never got lost.   If drivers and other visitor always drove straight to the exact destination, door, or optimal parking spot.   Yes, Google and Apple maps usually help you get near the destination with good directions and traffic, but who hasn't been frustrated with wrong or bad directions?   And once you're are there now what?  Where do you park, where is the front or other door, where is the meeting place?  

SmartPoint enables all environmentally friendly stores, businesses, government offices, and even homeowners to Own It™ by spending a few minutes to capture and easily provide every delivery and rideshare service, customer, visitor, and even vendor detailed optimal Last Mile to Last Meter™ pinpoint, to the door directions, parking and transit information. The goal is to make life easier for visitors and also eliminate and reduce frustration, wasted time, and mileage, and CO2 emissions. 

Aerial View of City

Saving Time and Money 

If every destination had a simple, dedicated SmartPoint Location Page and SmartAddress ID, and everyone used them every day, whenever they visited SmartPoint locations, drivers would collectively reduce wasted mileage and fuel enourmously by eliminating driving errors, wasted mileage and optimizing quicker and better dropoffs, pickups, parking, etc.  Not to mention elevating visitor experiences and capturing and owning data and analytics to further imrpove experiences.    SmartPoint's SmartAddress system is truly The Greener Address™ system.  Further, it encourages and optimizes  public transit usage by helping visitor get the tips and tricks of everday occupants.   SmartPoint enables owners and others to easily and instantly provide all visitors with customized optimal and detailed mass transit information, suggestions, tips and tricks.  It's one easy, fast, and simple thing everyone can do to help employees, customers, visitors, vendors, and the planet.  Won't you join us?  

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