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SmartAddress  Technology
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We view the world as a collection of billions of smaller micro-locations and focus on the needs of RE owners, operators occupants and visitors to capture, manage and provide micro-location addressing, mapping, routing, information and data for both internal and external uses.   We enable real estate owners, operators, and occupants to own and control the real-time, micro-location (RTML) information, services, and communications about their properties with our patented SmartAddress® technologies and systems. 

Our platform and services eliminates the friction and layers between end users and the information they want, thereby elevating customer and user experiences with unmatched convenience, time, money, and fuel/emissions savings, and environmental benefits.   SmartPoint also enhances safety, security, emergency services, and personal privacy.  

Our features and technologies include: 


AI and autonomous vehicles, drones, robots, and other devices also require more precise and timely micro-location information for transportation, delivery, parking and other services, and there is a critical need to capture and provide this granular micro-location addressing and information.   

Our patented AddressPlus®, CityPlus®,  and MicroMap® micro-location geocoding technologies and services platform, registry and real-time clearinghouse provides a single universal solution and distribution point for digitizing and sharing micro-locations and micro-location information and making it interoperable across all platforms and services.  These combined SmartAddress® technologies make it substantially easier to identify, access information about, navigate to, and interact with millions of micro-locations in and around real estate properties, projects, and buildings.   Our® system creates a mini-GeoSite® website for every micro-location with a GeoLink® QR Code and dedicated short link for instant access.   It will help reduce wasted time, fuel consumption and emissions finding and getting to micro-locations, and it will generate a new generation of geospatial data for BI.  

This will be immediately helpful today for everyone using traditional systems, but the SmartAddress technology will also fill a current void and critical need for AVs and automated micro-location devices and services.

With over 20 patents issued in the area of mobile, local search and micro-location technologies since our first filing in 1996 and patent terms extending until at least 2032, we work with all RE owner/operators, mapping and location service providers to enable a new universal cross-service micro-location geocoding referencing system for all services and users.   It is analogous to the DNS for domain names and telephones number for telephones, providing a critical and much needed level of interoperability among all services.    Our system combines the best of user-friendly location names and street addresses that everyone uses with precise, simple 1m location numbers to make the fastest, easiest yet most powerful addressing paradigm on the planet, and our technology has the support of world-class GIS and AI experts.  

Here is a quick summary of our key micro-location mapping patent families:

  • Real-Time Unified Geographic Database and clearinghouse that can help provide a single source of truth (SSOT) for locations that is both centralized and disaggregated yet connected in a single system, including our incredibly simple yet innovative and powerful MicroMap® xy, xyz, hierarchical, and hybrid grid and AddressPlus®, CityPlus®, and 1M® and OneMap® micro-location referencing systems.   See U.S. Pat. No.  8,935,220 

  • Smart, AI enabled systems and methods to clarify and enhance communications with real-time information about SmartAddress® locations and other terms (e.g. locations and brands) used in the communications based on the identity, history, location or other context of the sender and/or the intended recipient(s).   See U.S. Pat. No. 10,296,568 and 10,872,197.  

  • Automatically shortening traditional legacy street or postal addresses into short, unique proprietary SmartAddress shortcodes that can be owned, managed and monetized by the creator/owners for privacy and other purposes, with emphasis on sub-street address, 'micro-locations'.  See U.S. Pat. No. 9,372,934

  • Permission-based, hyper-privacy centric systems for transforming phone numbers, biometric attributes (e.g. facial recognition) domain name/URLs, social media handles, and email addresses into user owned and controlled micro-location SmartAddress IDs and providing owners through an SSOT real-time control over if, when, how, who, and to what extent users and services can access their SmartAddress micro-location information.  See U.S. Pat. Nos.  9,678,986,  9,928,252, and 10,565,239. 

  • Systems and methods for AI enabled internet searches for brands and locations to provide better search results, including user specific, real-time, micro-location information with input from brands, celebrities, states, cities, and counties, and other geographic entities and a new micro-payment paid search paradigm enabling more robust, filtered and truer search results.  See U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,229,216 and 10,585,963.  

Our primary goal is to develop and deploy SmartPoint's patented micro-location technologies, together with other mapping and micro-location services with industry leading companies to enable the next and future generations of micro-location services, particularly micro-and inbuilding navigation by AI and autonomous vehicles and delivery devices like robotics and drones.    We intend to work with others to leverage our systems and technologies to reduce inefficiencies in transit, deliveries, wayfinding, parking, asset and facilities management, emergency services, and information assimilation and dissemination, with the ultimate goal of driving efficiencies, saving time, money, and pollution and even helping save lives with more comprehensive, accurate and precise micro-location information.  

An Address for Everything®

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