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RideStop Santa Clara Square Irvine Lyft

Revolutionizing Ridesharing

The first commercial application of SmartPoint's technology is RideStop®,  a unified network of preset pickup and dropoff locations for Lyft, Uber, Waymo and other autonomous vehicles (AVs).  Highly visible physical and digitized RideStop signs will make it easier and faster to know EXACTLY where to catch that ride or get dropped off.  By focusing on that often frustrating problem of efficiently connecting riders with rides, RideStop is easier and better for Users, Drivers, Ride Services, Property Owners, and eventually - the entire planet.

The world is moving faster with endless applications, digital platforms, programs, and smart address technology. The best part of these advanced running applications is that it has also included food delivery options. One of these real-time micro-location (RTML) data, conversation, understanding, and podiums have helped establish a unique yet effective foundational platform.

RideStop: Our Technology
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