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How Can Micro Location Technology Streamline the Working Methodology of Hospitals?

At present, we all realize the importance of healthcare in our life. This is the reason we try to improve the working methodology of the hospitals with proven and tested technologies. Micro location technology is one of them that can streamline the functions of hospitals. As a result, all the medical staff and patients will be in a comfortable position and won’t face any problems.

How Does Micro-Location Technology for Hospitals Work?

  • In today’s tech-friendly era, smartphones have become de rigueur for all types of people, whether educated, semi-education, or uneducated. The location-based services provided by these mobile phones have made our lives more comfortable and hassle-free than ever before. With micro-location technology for hospitals, one can easily trace the hospital regardless of one’s location, contact the medical staff and get the right treatment. As a result, one is saved from lots of hustle and bustle.

  • Hospital is a big organization where a record of all patients is maintained. Doctors attending on them often remain worried about figuring out who has been treated and who needs to be treated. With micro-location technology for hospitals, doctors can easily maintain a record of patients and treat them without any mental pressure or stress.

  • Availability of medicines in hospitals is also important to know for medical staff and patients. In a hospital, patients afflicted with various diseases are admitted and need to be administered different types of medicines. Searching for medicines can waste most of their time. But with micro-location technology, doctors can easily trace the placement of medicine in a certain rack of the cupboard and administer it to the concerned patient.

  • An ambulance facility is an important part of any hospital. The patients may be shifted any time from one hospital to another as per the doctor’s advice when their condition deteriorates. With technology, the ambulance can be easily traced and hired for shifting patients to another hospital.

  • Sometimes, discounts on treatments and medicines are offered to the patients from time to time. Using technology, patients can easily avail themselves of discounts on treatments and medicines and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

  • The technology also proves to be very useful for the administrator of the hospital. They maintain the overall record of doctors, nurses, other staff members, and patients. With technology, they can easily check the attendance of staff members and how they are performing their duties. That means each and every member of the hospital is under the constant vigil of an administrator.

  • Finally, the technology makes the hospitals safer and more efficient. Inefficiency and waste are the recurring problems of the healthcare industry. As per a recent study, it was found that medical errors were the third leading cause of death in the country. Although this figure is not certain, there is a need for cutting down on mistakes and improving efficiency in the healthcare industry. Micro-location technology can help medical staff to keep track of assets, ensuring that the right products and medicines are given to the patients. It can also be used to provide guidance to doctors and nurses as fast as possible and optimize the patient flow.

Benefits of Using Micro Location Technology for Hospitals

The major benefits of using micro-location technology include the following:

  • Convenience: The technology reduces the unnecessary frustration of both patients and doctors. They get easy access to the real-time and accurate micro-location of the hospital and also nearby services and products.

  • Saves Both Time and Money: It saves both time and money for the medical staff and patients, which they would otherwise waste. So, it is a very useful application for them.

  • Safety and Security: These two factors are very important for the medical staff and patients. Without proper guidance, they may be prone to any untoward incidence. But the technology provides them with both safety and security.

  • Privacy: Privacy is important for every class of people. The technology helps both medical staff and patients to maintain their privacy.

At SmartPoint, we provide micro-location technology for hospitals. With its usage, both medical staff and patients can be benefitted. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly application that any individual can install on his or her Smartphone.


Micro location technology is a very useful application for hospitals. It streamlines their working methodology. As a result, both medical staff and patients are miles away from hassles and can stay safe and secure.


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