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Put your Smart Property on the Map with an Indoor Positioning System!

Have you heard about indoor positioning systems before?

The indoor positioning system is a growing technology that helps in helping navigation inside the buildings. It is also important to identify the location of the existing firefighting equipment in the building, such as extinguishers and water hydrants. This innovative technology helps to find anything in the building that saves lives and property.

The demand for the indoor positioning system has been increasing enormously in every factor, whether residential or commercial. For example, the patients can use it in the hospitals to find their way through the different departments, while customers can use it in the retail sector to enhance and get a great shopping experience. Because it is quite difficult to find retail merchandise inside the big shopping complexes, this state-of-the-art technology comes in handy when unearthing these items.

There are myriad companies that offer micro-location systems. SmartPoint is one of the best platforms that offer smart solutions to various applications and services. We are the best and most reputed indoor positioning solution provider. Our systems are designed and deployed in homes, buildings, commercial spaces, including airports, hospitals, offices, shops, restaurants, and hotels.

This post will explain what an indoor positioning system is, why we need it, the benefits it offers, and the different technologies behind it.

What is an indoor positioning system?

Do you know anything about the indoor positioning system? It is a system that finds one or more individuals and objects in an indoor setting. It is often composed of a few different elements:

  • Anchors: These are devices placed in the building or a facility.

  • Location Tags: These are carried by the individual or article whose position is of interest.

Why do we need indoor positioning systems?

Real-time information of people or things has grown essential for the placement of services in several domains, including logistics, tourism, retail, urban outlining, recreation activities, and many more. The success of GPS and the mobile revolution have continuously turned how we associate technology in business and our personal lives.

GPS is not able to determine the location of people when they are inside a building or home. This is because GPS utilizes the signals of satellites in orbit, which get seriously besmirched when there is no direct visibility, making indoor location tracking complicated.

On the other hand, indoor positioning systems have been developed to satisfy this part to present position information in real-time on indoor premises.

Incredible benefits of indoor positioning technologies:

1. Real-time insights

With an indoor positioning system, you can get up-to-the-second intelligence on what is happening in your building. The system helps you find where different personnel is located at any given moment.

2. Ample management

The system offers a management portal where you need it on authorized PCs, tablets, and smartphones in the field. With the help of these portals, you can easily know about everything you need to track assets in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Another most important management feature is the ability to organize alerts for different activated events. For example, if a security officer leaves their assigned post, you could set a text alert to go to a supervisor’s phone.

3. Eradication of human error

The indoor positioning system is more efficient as compared to manual tracking. It also eliminates human errors. When you are tired, you have lapses in judgment and unintentionally leave valuable assets out in the open for anyone to take.

Indoor positioning systems can issue alerts when people or assets pass any perimeters you have defined. With the help of these systems, you can get an instant email, text, or audible alert that someone or something leaves a given area.

4. Faster incident response

If you really want to keep your people safe, it is the right time to install an indoor positioning system. It shows you exactly where everyone is the instant someone reports an accident or other emergency.

The Bottom Line:

Nowadays, indoor positioning system has become unavoidable in multi-story buildings, alleys, airports, and underground locations.

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